'All human beings are born creative'
I've always enjoyed learning new creative things like drawing, bookbinding, handmade dolls, etc. I've found fulfillment when I started to share what I've learned along in my creative life as a professional educator and an artist at cultural centers since 2012.
I believe that all human beings are born creative, and we all have a gift for creating with our minds and hands the world we dream of. So let's create!​
Welcome! I’m so happy to share this creative universe with you
DEC - 2021
During this in-person workshop, you will learn how to handmade a tiny book and turn it into a necklace. This class is for everyone interested in learning introductory bookbinding skills. 
A Tiny Book is a secret and imaginary world where we can keep our extraordinary stories. 
So come and join in for this activity to enjoy and have a good time!
No previous knowledge about handmade books is required. 
This class is suitable for ages above 13+.
Monday 06 December
10 am – 12 pm
Friday 10 December
10:00 am – 12:00 pm
North Adelaide community centre
Saturday 11 December 
 02:00 pm – 04:00 pm
SkillShare Online Class
In this class, I will teach you some simple tips and tricks to create your custom pattern with handmade stamps with your design and how to apply it to surfaces and products. Do not worry about the level because this will be an introductory class that does not require prior knowledge. You will learn all you need to know so you can create a fabulous and unique handmade pattern with your personality.
All the knowledge you will have here in this class will help you be more independent to create a pattern with personality and turn any surface into something unique. In addition to that, you will be ready to personalize anything with your designs, as gifts, products, or whatever your imagination leads you.
Come and join me in this class!

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