I am Ada Rovai, an artist, illustrator & educator. I am originally from Osasco, SP, Brazil, and am currently based in Adelaide, South Australia, with my husband, Astrid (our puppy), and my artwork. My work is a form of meditation and storytelling that permeates graphics and crafts to bring unique stories, memories and identities to life.
I have a history of exhibitions, artistic residencies, illustrations, products, and workshops under my brand.
Until now, I worked with cultural institutions in different countries, such as: 
South Australia:  •Gallery 1855, •City of Adelaide, •Adelaide Community Center, •BASA, •BESSA, •Dance Alive; 
Sao Paulo, Brazil:  • SESC (Social Service of Commerce and Goods), • CUBA (Fine Arts University Center), among others. 
My achievements include 
More than 200 workshops for more than 3.000 students until now.
And I have illustrated 3 Picture Books with Green Hill Publishing company from South Australia:
• Annabel's Mum by Kristy Telford
 Mrs Tate by Eliza Johanna Hendrics
My Strong Heart by Alexia Paglia
'Be True to your nature'
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